Our products are designed to complement each other and help you have a perfect skin from head to toe. 


For maximum impact, we recommended our customers integrate our products into their skincare regime: 

  • Dermalyana Perfect Skin Serum
  • Dermalyana Maximum White Facial Cream
  • Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion
  • Dermalyana SilkSkin
  • Dermalyana Magic Cleanser


When Maximum White facial cream is used together with Perfect Skin serum, the absorption of the product is multiplied when compared to using the products standalone.


The body lotion will make body skin smooth, rejuvenated and lighten.


Using all three products will help lighten the total skin complexion, even the tone and rejuvenate from head to toe.

Dermalyana SilkSkin 100g pump bottle (ED)