Info: how to contact Dermalyana

Our facebook accounts have been attacked by people who are trying to blackmail us with their "facebook protection service". Sadly this is part of life as a successful online business.

Thank you for your support during this time.

Until we have recovered or created new accounts, there are plenty of ways to contact us.

1. Dermalyana website chat (like facebook messenger!)

This app uses the website's chat feature and connects securely to us.

Chat on

2. Dermalyana website blog: (here!)

[to post on the blog, create an account here: and log in]

3. Whatsapp or text: +61 431 999 345 (we will add you to our group)

4. Websites:

Lien Rogers:

Rogers Healthcare:

5. Facebook pages:


Lien Rogers:

6. Email contacts for Lien & general Dermalyana sales.,,

We will post updates in this blog, so you know what to trust.

If you receive a friend request from a facebook account impersonating us, please ignore it.

Thank you,

Stephen & Liên.


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