What customers are saying about Dermalyana

"It makes my skin so smooth. It takes time to even my skin tone but since I used Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion, my skin has not been dry. I have not used it daily as required however I can see the result after three weeks. I should use regularly"


Tam Luong, teacher

Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion

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Made in Australia

AUD $48 

No Hydroquinone, No Steroids, No Parabens, No Other Harmful Chemicals and No Tested on animals

Real Customers - Real Reviews

We declare that the following reviews are genuine and trustworthy from our real customers who have bought Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion and gave us their feedback.


"Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion helps my skin smooth, rejuvenated, even my skin tone and especially lighten dark pigmentation. It smells good too. I really love it."

Nga Pham, Teacher 

"Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion helps my skin reduce the appearance of discolouration. It is non-greasy and well-absorbed product.  I like the smell. However, I do not like green colour on the box too much. I like the white bottle itself though."

Loriana Tutone, Oil & Gas Administration staff  

" Dermalyana is quite good. I've been using it everyday."

Hoai Thai, Medical Doctor 


"It makes my skin so smooth. It takes time to even my skin tone but since I used Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion, my skin has not been dry. I have not used it daily as required however I can see the result after three weeks. I should use it regularly." 

Tam Luong, Teacher


"Wow. Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion penetrates the skin fast leaving my skin smooth, non-creasy feeling and radiant looking. I really like it."

Kerry Crockford, Manager, Pfizer pharmacy company 

"I came to Rogers Healthcare Pty Ltd. to try Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion. I decided to buy five bottles. I have used one and sent some to my friends to use. After nearly 3 weeks, I have seen the difference on my skin. I came back to the company and asked for being a distributor of the product and I am now its distributor in WA."

Emily Tran, Hospitality industry and current exclusive distributor of Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion in NSW, Australia 


"I like the smell, the texture and the absorption of the product. My skin is naturally smooth and moist after using it." 

Hong Phuong Pham, Housewife


"It's a great lotion." 

Alex Jiva, Restaurant owner

"Bought one bottle for my mum two months ago. Her skin improved significantly in texture and colour. Her skin is smoother, lighter, even-skin tone. Therefore, I now order one for myself. Thank you for offering us such an effective and meaningful product." 

Thuy Tien, Hospitality industry  

"I really like Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion. It works on my skin. Definitely, I will buy some more." 

Hong Nguyen, Housewife

"Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion really works effectively on my skin."

Lan Le, Bao Viet Insurance Agency

"I am quite happy with the product. Thank you."

Vy, Working mum


"I am quite happy with the lotion. It absorbs fast, smell good, no mark left on skin after application which I really like and making my skin smooth. I have just used for two days and will keep you informed."

Ý, Working mum


"I have bought one Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion in Australia. I have used for two weeks and really like it. I come back Viet Nam seeing my relatives, everyone said to me that my skin has improved a lot. It is smoother and even skin tone. Thank you. "

Elena, Student 

"My skin is lighten after one bottle. I am now using second one. This product works really well. Love it."

Truc Nhi, Self-employed 

"Some months ago, I was given one bottle as a gift. I have used it and seen improvement on my skin. Then I decided to buy Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion to resell in my spa. I am one of the distributors for this product in Sai Gon, Vietnam."

Nhu Thao Phan, Spa manager/owner/trainer/film star/model   

"I like the lotion. It smells good, absorbs well and especially it makes my skin smooth. However, I keep forgetting to put it on everyday. I need to do that more often."

Hue Eva, Businesswoman 



"I buy one bottle just because I think this product is safe and effective. I believe in the made-in-Australia products. In fact, I have used it and love it. It helps my skin radiant, smooth, and especially it smells good. Being a singer and mother, I only use the product that I believe in its quality and safety. I would like to tell my fans that you should only use safe product for your skin like I am doing now."

Thuy Tien, Singer/song composer 



"I just used the product for three days. It really makes my skin smooth. The product smells good. Does it help lighten my skin? I need some more time to see."

Huong Nguyen, Unknown profession 

"The lotion is great. So far I like it. I will keep you informed."

Khanh, Aged care staff 



"I just received Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion today. Can't believe that it absorbs into my skin so well leaving it very smooth and slightly lightens my skin. I really like its effects. Please give me your number, I would like to call you to discuss how I can be your distributor."

Venessa Duong, Beauty therapist/spa owner/current Dermalyana distributor in Hanoi, VN 

"The lotion smells good."

Phuc Thi Ngo, Salesperson 

"I have been looking for a safe and effective body lotion that can help lighten, smoothen and create non-creasy feeling but I have not found one. When I bought one bottle of Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion to try on, I told my husband: I found it. I really love it. It is what exactly I'm looking for for a body lotion. Then I bought another five to use and gave them to my friends and relatives. Then everyone loves them. I love Dermalyana. "

Nhien White, Nurse 

"Can't complain! A wonderful product! "

Tai Tai, Dauphung Utco leader/founder   

"The lotion absorbs into my skin fast, leaving smooth skin surface, no sticky feeling, no stained white lines on skin. I only use once a day for a week, I have not seen my dark spots lighten yet. I will keep you informed."

Hong Hanh Thi Ho, Thanh Cong Group




"Just received the lotion. I really like the smell. My skin is smooth just even very first time I apply it on. How wonderful! I need another two products."

Thuy Hang Nguyen, Lienvietpost bank 



"I have tried on my lower arm where my skin is darker than other parts of the body. I see the result. It helps lighten and smoothen my skin on the lower arms. It is great. I now put on upper arms to even my skin tone on my arms first. Then the whole body later. Thank you. "

Helen Dang, Cafe owner



"Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion helps lighten, even my skin tone and well-absorbed"

Hanh Nhan Le, Unknown profession 

"I've just received the lotion. I really like it. I will buy one carton of 50 bottles for my family to use."

Oanh Ngo, Nail Technician 



"Just bought one bottle. I really like it. It absorbs so well, no creasy feeling. I'll tell you more later about it. Thank you."

Cindy, Unknown profession 

"I've just received the lotion. I just used it for the first time. I really like it."

Selina, Working mum 

"I've used it on my arms for two weeks. I have seen the skin on my arms pinky and a lot lighter in comparison with other areas on my body. I will apply it on whole body skin soon to make it even in colour. "

Tam Nguyen, Nail salon owner 

"I love Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion.  I have been using it for a while now and really like it"

Tuyet Trinh Nguyen, student in Australia 

"I've been using Dermalyana Radiance Body Lotion for 6 months and I really love it. My friend in Australia sent it to me as a gift. I have experienced that after having shower/a bath, you apply the lotion and massage it into your skin. By doing so, you will see the great result. Highly recommend it."

Sam, actress and MC and model 

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