We are proud to be a 100% Australian owned and operated company. Our skincare and weight management products have been chosen by Australian doctors and medical specialists for years. Our goal is for our Australian Made products to be a leading Australian brand in skincare, dietary and weight management. Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years in producing the highest quality skincare and weight loss products. Our scientists and specialists are dedicated to delivering confidence to our customers.

Inspired by the founder’s personal challenges in maintaining healthy skin and body, Lean & Curvy and the Dermalyana range are designed with your needs in mind.

Dermalyana Featured Products

Dermalyana Flawless Skin


Looking for the complete skincare protection collection? Look no further!

The Flawless Skin collection delivers a clean, balanced, timeless look protected by our cutting-edge physical barrier sunscreen.

  1. Magic Cleanser 100g tub
  2. Perfect Skin Serum 3x10ml ampoules
  3. Silkskin anti-ageing cream 100g pump bottle
  4. Radiance Body Lotion 245ml pump bottle
  5. Ultimate Guard SPF50 Physical Barrier Sunscreen 50g tube

Complimentary Ultimate Guard Sunscreen tube worth $79.

Note: Results may vary on each individual. Keep products away from children. Topical use only. Do not apply products on broken skin areas. Seek your nearest medical advice immediately if having an allergic reaction with the products. Read the label carefully before use.

Refund/return policy
Due to the change in temperature of the products, we do not offer refunds.

Lean & Curvy Set (3×150 capsules)


Lean & Curvy supports digestive health and weight management
By promoting a healthy digestive system, Lean & Curvy can bring overall health benefits.
Lean & Curvy is listed with Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Notes: Lean & Curvy contains seafood products. Lean & Curvy capsules are not medicines and cannot replace food or nutrition. Taking Lean and Curvy is not the only way to manage your weight or healthy diet. Seek professional medical advice for your weight loss, healthier diets, and references before use. The results may vary on each individual. Read the label carefully before use. Keep the products away from children.

Each capsule contains:
Poliglusam 437.5mg
Psyllium husk powder 25mg
Arthrospira maxima 20mg

Our Belief

Why Dermalyana

At Rogers Healthcare, we believe that looking after our skin and body must be an integral part of our daily routine. It requires a little discipline but, like many other aspects of your health, there are consequences to taking our skin and body for granted.

We want to improve your skin and body health and so enhance a beautiful and youthful appearance.

Australia’s climate is damaging to skin, making good skincare essential. The Dermalyana range of products is designed to make it easier to look after your skin and manage the most extreme conditions to deliver the skin you want.

Lean and Curvy are Natural Australian Made capsules. They were created to help our customers lose weight, gain slimmer bodies and so improve the quality of their lives.

Lean & Curvy has been our best seller for a long time.

Sold in Australian medical centres

Made in Australia

Chosen by cosmetic medicine doctors

Natural Formula

Paraben Free

Not tested on animals

Before / After

Customers Love Us

Featured Reviews

I have melasma for a long time. Recently, I’ve been using Dermalyana, my skin looks better. I really like the products.
Dr Zille Shehzad
Cosmetic Medicine Doctor
General Practitioner
Nova Medical centres
I’ve been using the Dermalyana combo for a while now and it has exceeded my expectations by far. I love each product in the combo but especially the serum because it gets absorbed really quickly into my skin and makes it smoother and more even. Throughout the time that I’ve been using it, I have been able to see the fine lines and wrinkles on my face decrease significantly. I highly recommend their products!
Lorianna Tutone
Project Administrator HR &
Mobilisation Coordinator
SWI Fencing Company
I love the Dermalyana products! They’ve delivered great results to my customers. They are very effective, and the product packaging is great.
Dr. Sheng Chao
Cosmetic Medicine Doctor
General Practitioner
Skin Cancer Surgeon
WA Skin & Vein Clinics

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